QED is an Educational Consultancy Service specialising in:

1. Academic support services (policy development and review)

2. Course and curriculum development (course accreditation and renewal of accreditation processes)  

3. Continuous improvement and best practice advice (registration and renewal of registration processes)

4. Mentoring and coaching of key staff and teams (to achieve strategic outcomes)  

QED points an organisation in the following directions:

Direction 1: A clearly defined purpose and role within the tertiary education sector

Direction 2: A Governance structure aligned with academic integrity, sound business management practices, open intellectual enquiry and committed to student learning

Direction 3: Effectiveness in teaching and learning, scholarship and creative activity

Direction 4: Sound management structures and decision-making processes to support effectiveness in teaching and learning

Direction 5: Critical analysis of evidence to inform strategic planning, the achievement of educational objectives and priorities, and commitment to quality improvement